Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the community...

Sunday night, Takoma Park (Maryland) artists and activists met at the very groovy Jackie's for an evening of socializing and on-the-spot discussion and suggestions for the city Arts & Humanities Commission.

The very brilliant and capable John Borstel and his team facilitated an adapted open space meeting. Lots of assets and possibilities exist in this community. And (I'm afraid), quite a bit of stuck assumptions and thinking. Hoping and looking forward to some new directions, fresh energy, and dynamic collaboration to come.

Just some of the other movers and shakers there:
Stephane Janin
Adam Griffiths
Bobbi Kittner and her artwork
Alice Sims
Nicole Salimbene
Anne Becker
Sara Daines, City of Takoma Park
and maybe, me, too.

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