Monday, February 1, 2010

A Nod to Artists Whose Work Has Come to Live With Me

Recently purchased, bartered, gifts, founds, or otherwise collecteds by:

Jenny Walton
Jenny Freestone
SOGH (Shawn Theron)
Elizabeth Parthum, papermaking associate at Pyramid Atlantic
Jefferson Pinder
Joanna Axtmann
Bobbi Kittner
Tatiana Ginsberg, Lee Emma Running, Kate Carr

And a print by artist and fellow grassroots fundraising consultant (!) Sha Grogan-Brown that I gave to a dear friend and colleague.

Happy updates: Printmaker Sabeth Jackson. Outsider artists Robb Williams and Lawrence Gross, art students of the extraordinary Eric Gordon at Studio In-Sight.

Oh, and I forgot about a favorite ceramic sculpture by Alvin Lewis Thomas, from his series of heads. Alvin is a student of the adored art teacher Alice Sims, Art for the People.

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