Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At Warehouse Gallery

Warehouse Gallery presents PeaceNow!
Feb 22 - April 6, 2008
The 6th and final PEACE show at Warehouse on 7th Street (DC)
40 artists show painting, installation, photography, sculpture, video.

Opening Reception
Friday Feb 22 6-9pm

Above: Soldier (Purple Mountain Preoccupation)
Collage 21x23 1/2” Amy Kincaid

I made this collage a few years ago, musing about the soldiers I imagined had enlisted at a time when the world felt less terrifying. Theirs was far from my own experience, and I felt tender and mystified about these young adults who seemed to be in a situation beyond them—a situation that must have been disorienting, disappointing, dangerous, and decidedly unAmerican.

This woman soldier is "over there" reflecting on the promise of purple mountain majesty versus the harsh reality of how America intends to fulfill but continues to break this promise, both at home and far away.

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